An online memorial is a webpage dedicated to someone who has died. Online memorials are also called obituaries and tributes.


Funeral Home Resource invites you to create as many online memorials as you wish to honor those no longer with us. To create an online memorial, go to the online memorial home page and click the tab at the top, "Create a Memorial". Brief pages guide you through the creation process step-by-step.

You can pause and save your creation at any time so long as you have created an account. An account allows you to track the online memorials you have created, receive email updates on your memorials, complete and edit your own memorials, contribute to memorials created by others.


Visitors may browse memorials without creating an account. An account is required to save a memorial or contribute to a memorial. User accounts provide accountability and decrease the incidences of inappropriate postings. Even more, creating an online memorial account allows you to:

  • track your online memorials
  • complete and edit your online memorials
  • contribute to memorials created by others

No. If you would like to receive new obituary notices, sign up for obituary alerts on the bottom of any site page. Simply enter the zip code or zip codes you wish to track along with your email address. When an online memorial is added that uses a matching zip code for location, an obituary alert will be sent to your email address.

No, but you will need to include every field marked with an asterisk: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Date of Death. If you are unsure of dates, make your best guess. You can edit the information later when you have more accurate data. Complete as many fields on the Basic Information page as you can, though, to make it easier for others searching for your loved one.

A static background does not change. The picture you see will remain the same. A slideshow background changes, sliding from one picture to the next. Multiple photos are added to an online memorial to create a slideshow background. Those without multiple photos to upload should choose a static background.

Memorial features are accessed via tabs at the bottom of the memorial page. From the individual memorial page, simply click on the tab for Life Story, Memory Book, Gallery, Send a Tribute, or Set a Reminder to view additional aspects of the memorial. Should you wish, clicking the minus sign to the right of the bar drops the page and tabs back to the bottom of your screen.

Of course. We welcome you to express your love and memories in a way that works best for you, whether contributing to an existing memorial or creating an original memorial.


Memorial photos are added in two ways. First, a primary photo (static background) or photos (slideshow background) is added when you Create a Memorial and Set the Appearance of Your Memorial. The photo can be in .jpg, .gif, or .png formats, and up to 500kb in size. 

If the photo you'd like to use is larger than 500kb, resize it with your own photo editing software or an online editing program prior to submitting the picture. Your memorial is fully editable, so the photo may be added or changed at a later date. Alternatively, add a larger photo to the memorial's photo gallery where pictures are accepted to 2000kb.

Additional photos and videos can be added to the gallery of the online memorial. From the memorial, click the Gallery tab. Then click the Add a Photo or Add a Video button. Gallery photos can be as large as 2000kb. Videos must first be loaded on YouTube. When you click the Add a Video button, you are invited to paste the YouTube Video Link to post the video in your memorial gallery.

Your memorial page can be shared upon creation, or from the memorial page itself. Once you have completed your memorial page, you are invited to enter email addresses of friends, family, and colleagues you wish to notify. Additionally, you are provided with a link to send others. Finally, you can post the link to your facebook or twitter account. Later, from the memorial page, click on the twitter or facebook icons to share the link via your account.