Memory Book

To my Father


It has been almost a year since you left. I guess Im able to cope with this easier than before. I guess as you said that a person moves on. Those words you spoke made it sound so easy. A large part of me cannot move on. The same part of me died that day in your apartment with you. You live in my heart now and in my mind. I think of you daily and your pictures are on my machine that i run every day. Your with me in the shop. I talk to you all the time and wonder if you hear me. I will get to see you again one day.I dont know when that will be. Im sure God does. Til then please watch over us. We all love you for eternity Dad. Thank you for being my father. I AM SO PROUD TO BE YOUR SON. Please rest and know that John and I love yoou with all our hearts, minds and souls. And give Mom a hug and kiss for us!
Your Son,
Christopher L. Gray

Christopher Gray

Columbiana, OH · Added on October 09, 2013
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